Kangaroos hopping down the main street?

Kangaroos hopping down the main street? - it does happen, you know! Just after church one Sunday morning recently parishioners were quite surprised to see a kangaroo hopping down the middle of Potter St, in Geelong, Victoria. Geelong is the major regional city in Victoria with some 200 thousand people.

They reckon the 'roo had followed the river and then come into the suburbs and the city during a spell of some very dry weather. The council bylaws officer tells me its not that uncommon, especially in dry periods.

A kangaroo hopped into a pharmacy at Melbourne Airport in October 2013. Which was a bit of a surprise for the customers and staff! Wildlife officers removed the kangaroo not long after it arrived. But this is not the first time Melbourne Airport has had a kangaroo visiting. In January 2013 an eastern grey kangaroo was seen in one of the pedestrian overpasses. It then hopped into the carpark and was rescued by rangers.