Split Point lighthouse, Airey's Inlet info

Split Point lighthouse, Airey's Inlet.

Split Point was originally called Eagles Nest Point. The lighthouse was built in 1891. The original light source was vapourised kerosene. When it was taken over by the Commonwealth Government in 1919 the light was converted to acetylene and automated. Conversion to mains electricity took place in 1972. An early keeper had an interesting solution to the tedium of the light keeper's job:

"The keeper at Split Point at Airey's Inlet in Victoria did not exactly sleep on the job but he did not see why he should be deprived of his social life at night. He scratched a small hole in the black paint on the back of the lantern, which prevents the light shining inland and annoying residents. This keeper, Richard Joy Baker, scratched the hole to line up with the Airey's Inlet Hotel. Each time the lenses rotated, the light winked through the hole, assuring the keeper (who had retired to the hotel) that all was well."

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