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About Roger Jenkins

I spent my younger days living on my late Mother's inherited small farm, which is located at Pentonvale Corner, 5 km east of Yorketown along Stansbury Road, where the original stone house is still standing. This was originally, as far as I can find out, the Pentonvale Overseer's Cottage, built back about 1860. Pentonvale those days covered some 107 square miles of Southern Yorke Peninsula, and was managed by my ancestor, Mr Thomas Giles, in partnership with George Anstey.

The Overseer's Cottage, with about 300 acres of land attached, was purchased from Pentonvale by the Vanstone Family about 1880, then my Grandfather on Mum's side, Mr EH Giles, bought the property from The Vanstones about 1910-1915 or thereabouts, and added the 'new farmhouse' to Vanstones' extensions to the original house. Grandfather Giles was well-known through-out the Yorke Peninsula, as amongst numerous other community commitments he was the Member of State Parliament for County Ferguson (Yorke Peninsula), from 1926-1933.