Yorke Peninsula, South Australia - Port Julia

Port Julia
Approximately 10 km south of Pine Point one comes across the Port Julia turn-off. Port Julia is another small coastal 'Mosquito Port' which was used for loading the ketches with bagged grain and wool bales from the surrounding farms. Port Julia was for a time also called 'Port Curramulka' as the road from Curramulka was better traveling than the road to Port Vincent!

The jetty is still in good condition, and the old grain storage shed on the landing by the jetty has been converted into a community shed by the local people. Although there are only houses at Port Julia, Adelaide people are gradually buying building allotments in the town, building homes, and moving in.

Traveling south again on the highway brings one to the Port Vincent turn-off signs on the left, and on the right inland to Minlaton and Curramulka.