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Wooden Toys

There will be various toymakers featured in this section in time, and we will give a thumbnail sketch of each of them.
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Roger Jenkins, a toymaker from South Australia:

Roger has been a quality wooden toy and model maker since 1983. He has successfully submitted numerous articles for publication in The Australian Woodworker Magazine since 1985. He was awarded 'Wooden Toy of the Year' in 1987, by The Australian Woodworker Magazine for a 1:20 Scale working model of a Mobile Crane. This year he has submitted a plan for publication in The Australasian Toy-Maker Annual Magazine, along with an article on Toy Design. He got into constructing Replica Scale Model Houses through a friend who is into Garden Scale Model Railways and he had a problem finding suitable Australian Model Houses for his layout, and things went from there ... you can guess the rest!
Aussie Stories - telling about Australia in words and pictures

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